Air Neck Traction

A simple to use traction device for neck pain relief.

air neck traction

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Neck Pain Relief

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Customer Service is available to answer questions through the contact form. This is the quickest and most efficient way to have any questions answered as this form is monitored frequently.

For Returns due to defect or shipping error, please include your transaction number that you received from Paypal at the time of your order and problem encountered with product.

We take great measures to ensure the most secure ordering online. We have a toll free order line which is strictly for orders only. 1-800-598-6416. This option is not for any questions regarding product information, returns or shipping information as the operators place orders only and get tied up with any questions or problems leading to busy phone lines and problems ordering for those who choose this option. For questions, please contact customer service via the form below.

If you have misplaced your instruction manual, we have a PDF Instruction Manual for immediate download and printing: Air Neck Traction Professional | Neck Traction Pillow

If you are a health care practitioner or medical supply company, we offer discounts on minimum quantity orders, please see the Professional Discount Page.

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AirNeckTraction™ is an FDA Registered Neck Traction Device.