Air Neck Traction

A latex free inflatable collar for neck pain relief.

neck traction pillow

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Neck Pain Relief

Neck Traction Pillow

The Neck Traction Pillow is an inflatable pillow for use anywhere. It helps to maintain and works to restore the normal curve of the neck.

neck traction pillow

Relax tense neck muscles at your personal comfort level. Easily inflatable and deflatable for use while traveling, on the beach or to relax in your favorite chair.

A felt lining covers the top surface of the Neck Traction Pillow for added comfort and provides a textured surface so it stays in place.

Just place the inflated pillow under your neck with the cutout ("V") in the upright position and adjust it to your personal comfort level. When you're done, it fully deflates flat and can be folded for easy storage and travel.

The Neck Traction Pillow can be used to help to relieve neck tension and headaches. Just place behind your neck and feel the support for tired muscles. The ergonomic design allows the air pillow to be used for posture correction as you lay on your back and enjoy a mild traction.

When used in this manner, the Neck Traction Pillow creates a stretch in the direction of your normal neck curve which can improve movement, relieve neck muscle tension, and assist in the correction of reduced or reversed neck curve.

Light and easy to travel, it can be used in your home, the office, or anywhere there is flat ground with a stretching session of only 10 to 20 minutes.

The neck traction can also be used as a back (lumbar) support pillow to help ease lower back tension while driving or in your favorite chair.

Poor posture, working in fixed postures like on computers with the head leaning forward, certain sleeping positions, stress and trauma causes problems with the neck. The resulting forward head posture is often associated with poor health, neck pain, restricted motion and headaches.

Consider this statement by the respected Mayo Clinic, Nov. 3rd, 2000, "Forward Head Posture leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniations, arthritis and pinched nerves." It is a matter of physics, for every inch forward in head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the neck by 10 pounds! Long term, this can have disastrous effects on the neck. If your head is 3 inches forward, that's 30 pounds of extra weight that your neck must support!

Notice the head forward posture with a standard pillow. You can see how the neck traction pillow helps to restore the normal curve.

Just lay flat on your back on a comfortable floor (carpeted or mat)with your legs extended and arms by your sides. A natural stretch is created as the head tilts back towards the floor. You are encouraged to relax while lying on the Neck Traction Pillow.

You can start with the pillow underinflated and gradually progress to higher inflation levels to provide more traction. You should start with a 10 minute session and gradually work up to 20 minutes. In the beginning you can do this before bed, however, depending on your neck condition, you can work up to three 20 minute sessions per day. After your traction stretching session, you should roll sideways off the pillow to remove it from behind your head. After removal, you may also relax lying flat on the floor (on your back) for 1 minute before returning to your normal activities.

The Neck Traction Pillow allows for progressive care, offering a custom level of height and placement angles that can deliver more or less traction as needed. It's lightweight, easily adjustable, simplicity and multiple uses makes this neck care product a must have for anyone suffering from neck problems.

air neck traction package

It uses a fulcrum to direct force (stretch) into the neck allowing for muscle and ligament remolding with a comfortable and adjustable contact area that delivers postural traction using the weight of the head (approximately 10 pounds) without the use of additional weights, pulleys, halters, straps or hard plastics.

When inflated fully, the Neck Traction Pillow measures 16" L x 6½" W.

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