Air Neck Traction

A latex free inflatable collar for neck pain relief.

how air neck traction helps

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Neck Pain Relief

Air Neck Traction Relieves Pressure From Sore Muscles, Pinched Nerves And Compressed Discs

Air Neck Traction surrounds the neck and cradles the head and shoulders on soft inflatable cushions made of cotton flannel. An easy to use air pump is attached to the device which allows up to 180 pounds of continuously adjustable neck traction. As the device expands, it lifts the head upward while supporting the neck and maintains an even distraction of the cervical discs.

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AirNeckTraction™ is an FDA Registered Neck Traction Device.

You have total control over the amount of neck traction applied. Squeezing an inflator bulb increases the pressure, while a release knob gently reduces it.

how air neck traction helps

Air Neck Traction Can Effect Structures In The Neck Responsible For Pain.

In the above example, arthritis has caused joint irritation as the posterior facet joints rub together. This is known as facet syndrome and causes neck pain, headaches and radiating pain into the shoulders. Additionally, note the herniated or bulging disc which has moved from the disc to place pressure on a nerve resulting in neck pain and pain radiating into the shoulders, arms and even as far as the hands. This is also known as radiculitis. Furthermore, muscle spasm and poor posture may cause additional pain and maintain a cycle of neck pain and headaches.

Inflating Air Neck TractionUsing Air Neck Traction results in separation of the joints, thereby relieving neck pain by reducing the pressure on sensitive nerves. The herniated disc has reduced from the negative pressure resulting from the traction effect. The poor posture is relieved as the neck traction reduces the forward positioning allowing a more centered positioning of the head and neck over the shoulders. Additionally, spastic and shortened muscles are stretched and allowed to relax as the Air Neck Traction removes the stress from the muscles by supporting the weight of the head.

The Air Neck Traction is constructed of inner latex chambers and a soft cotton flannel cover. It weighs only half a pound and, when deflated, is easy to fold and store at home, and convenient to take to the office or when traveling to get neck pain relief anytime - anywhere! By using the hand held inflation bulb, the air chambers rise to provide traction to your comfort level or as prescribed by your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. Using air technology provides a reliable, consistent and powerful neck traction for pain relief.

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Air Neck Traction units are assembled and sealed in the USA. Because it is considered a personal item and subject to federal health regulations, we seal each unit after assembly. Once this seal is broken, the neck traction unit cannot be returned unless defective, thus ensuring everyone gets a new and clean unit.